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Chevy or GMC
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1992-2007 See Applications
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NV4500 Manual Transmission Oil
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QU90020 MT85 75w85w NV4500 Manual Transmission Oil is a 75w85w Full Synthetic, GL-4 Manual Transmission Gear Lubricant formulated by Redline that replaces the now out of production, Castrol Syntorq LT® oil in New Venture NV4500, NV4500LD, and NV4500HD manual transmissions. QU90020 is a full synthetic, API Service GL-4 manual transmission lubricant specifically formulated for smooth shifting and outstanding protection under a wide range of operating extremes including low and high temperature conditions. Use for GM 12346190, Chrysler/Dodge MS-9070, 4637579 & 4874459 specifications. 1 Quart Bottle.

Need More Info? Use the handy Links below to access over 40 years of Dan's product and vehicle specific Tech Notes to easily get the information you need for your vehicle's repair, maintenance, or upgrade project!

Dan the Gear Man® Tech Notes:
Castrol Syntorq®
Lubricants, Sealants, Threadlockers
Torque Specs
California Proposition 65
Safety Data Sheet

Tech Note 1: Castrol Syntorq®
Castrol Syntorq LT® was a low-temperature rated, 75w85w GL4 synthetic oil formulated specifically for the New Venture NV4500 5 speed manual transmission used in Dodge and GM light trucks. Syntorq LT® was also used by many import car manufacturers with various other manual transmissions. It was not an extreme pressure rated lubricant so it is not suitable for use in the hypoid gear axles found in almost all light trucks. Castrol discontinued Syntorq LT® a few years after NV4500 production ended in 2006. Our Redline QU90020 75w85w GL4 Manual Transmission Oil specifically meets the GM 12346190, Chrysler/Dodge MS-9070, 4637579 and 4874459 specifications. In operation, QU90020 equals or exceeds the performance of the original Castrol LT® oil for New Venture NV4500 5 speed manual transmissions.

Tech Note 2: Synchronizers
New Venture NV4500 5 speed transmissions use synchronizer friction rings that are lined on the inside with carbon fiber facing material. The carbon fiber lined NV4500 synchro rings used as original equipment and by most rebuilders are only compatible with lubricants that SPECIFICALLY meet one or more of the following standards: GM 12346190, Chrysler/Dodge MS-9070, 4637579 and 4874459. The list of incompatible lubricants includes ALL GL5 or GL6 rated conventional and synthetic gear lubricants, plus most GL4 gear oils. To get around the specific lubricant requirement, there was a couple of Asian companies making bronze synchro rings. I do not know if anyone still sells those hard-shifting bronze rings, but those things shortened the service life of most transmissions they were used in.

Tech Note 3: Lubricants, Sealants, Threadlockers
Early production NV4500 Transmissions used an anaerobic sealant (QU90003) to seal between the main case and input bearing retainer, top cover, and rear housing. Mid-production units used anaerobic sealant just on the input retainer and RTV for everything else. Later production transmissions used black RTV Sealant (QU90006 or QU90005) for everything. Either type of sealant works fine (except the PTO covers ALWAYS should be sealed with RTV), but I prefer RTV for all components. Regardless of which sealant you use, make sure excess sealant does not block the lube access hole at the top of input retainer pilot that fits into the transmission case! Also, the threaded holes in the main case for the four retainer bolts and 12 PTO bolts are open ended, so you must use new bolts with factory applied threadlocker or apply Threadlocker (S24200) to your existing bolts to prevent oil seepage past the bolt threads. See my TM1003 NV4500 Shop Manual or VSG1003DVD NV4500 Overhaul Video for more information.

Lubricant and Chemical List for NV4500 Transmissions:
QU90020 NV4500 Manual Transmission Oil
QU90003 Anaerobic Sealant
QU90006 3.35 oz Ultra Black RTV Sealant
QU90005 0.5 oz Ultra Black RTV Sealant
S24200 6ml Medium Strength Blue Threadlocker
S9978 1 gram Medium Strength Blue Threadlocker
S9979 1 gram High Strength Red Threadlocker
S24026 High Temperature Threadlocker for Mainshaft Nut

Tech Note 4: Torque Specs
Need Torque Specs or Rebuild procedures? Order my 116 page, full color illustrated TM1003 NV4500 Rebuild Manual.

You will need some special tools to correctly service your NV4500 Transmission. The chart below lists our current NV4500 Special Tools for popular models.


Component 23 Spline
Dodge 4x4
29 Spline
Dodge 4x4
30 Spline
Dodge 4x2
31 Spline
Dodge 4x2
32 Spline
GM 4x4
35 Spline
GM 4x2
Mainshaft Nut QT2002 QT2001
QT2002 QT2001
1-1/2" Hex
Mainshaft Holding NLA QT2000 NLA QT2011 N/A N/A
5th Gear Nut
Torx® Cross Bolt
N/A QT9205 N/A QT9205 N/A N/A
Output Seal Installer N/A QT1801 N/A QT2058
Not Used Not Used
Tailshaft Bushing Remover and Installer Not Used Not Used Not Used QT2044 Not Used Not Used


Front Bearing Cup Installer
QT1802 Use with QT1101 or QT1119 Driver Handle. Also can use flat side to install Dodge 4x4 Rear Output Seal
Countershaft Front Bearing Installer QT2004 Can also use to press 3-4 Synchro Hub on original equipment mainshafts
Input Bearing & Countershaft Rear Bearing Installer QT2005 Can also use to install Input Seal
Input Bearing Cup Installer QT1801 Use with QT1100, QT1101, QT1116, or QT1119 Driver Handle.
Countershaft Support QT2006 Use to support front of countersahft when installing countershaft rear bearing
1-2 Synchronizer Support QT2008 Use to support 1-2 synchronizer hub during synchronizer assembly
10mm 1/2" Drive 12 Point Socket QT1020 USA Made Impact Socket for Factory Tailshaft Housing Bolts
Long Shank Punch for Shift Lug QT9300 3/16" x 8" Shank for 5th Gear Shift Lug Roll Pin


Tech Note 5: California Proposition 65
This product is not subject to California Proposition 65.
Source: SDS #829147, Date 02-Jul-2015.

Tech Note 6: Safety Data Sheet


Chevy and GMC:
All Models with New Venture NV4500 5 Speed Manual Transmission: 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007

D150, W150, D250, W250, D350, W350 with Gas Engine and NV4500D 5 Speed: 1992, 1993
Ram 2500, Ram 3500 with Diesel or V10 and NV4500HD 5 Speed: 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004
Ram 2500, Ram 3500 with Gas V8 and NV4500 5 Speed: 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005

Also for any other manual transmission application calling for Castrol Syntorq LT fluid

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    best price so far found

    Stephen Ramirez on Apr 18, 2021

    is the right oil for a nv4500 at the best price i found so far most others are chagrining 20-25$ per quart

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    Correct Fluid

    Nathaniel Price on Sep 06, 2018

    This is the correct fluid replacement for my 93 Chevy Nv4500. At a good price and was at my door 4 days after I placed the order.

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