Dodge & Ram Transfer Case Fluid Type

What Fluid Does My Dodge or Ram Transfer Case Take?

Choosing the correct Dodge & Ram Transfer Case Fluid type is critical for the service life and operation of your transfer case. Over the years, lubricant specifications and service requirements have changed which can make choosing the correct Dodge transfer case fluid or Ram transfer case fluid difficult. We have compiled the handy chart below to help you select the correct Transfer Case Fluid for your Dodge or Ram 4x4. For 2001 and later model years, the Dodge and Ram transfer case fluid options are VERY specific. Do NOT USE generic fluids in these transfer cases!!!! For older transfer cases, you can upgrade to newer synthetic base fluids, but you should rebuild or at least replace the old seals as additives in synthetic fluids may not be compatible with old seals.

The following Chart was compiled using OEM Factory Shop Manuals and MOTOR Specification Guides. While we have made every effort to present accurate information, the information in this chart in no way supersedes or replaces the recommendations in your Chrysler OEM Owners Manual, Shop Manual, or other official Chrysler publication or specification list.

Year Range Model Transfer Case Recommended Fluid Capacity Available Free, Interactive Exploded Views
1946-1968 Power Wagon NP200 80w90 GL5* 5 Pints  
1957-1968 W100, W200, W300 NP201 80w90 GL5*  4.5 Pints  
1969-1974 W100, W200, W300 NP205  80w90 GL5* 4.5 Pints  
1974-1979 Ramcharger NP203  SAE 10w30 Engine Oil   9 Pints  
1975-1979 W100/150/200/250 NP203  SAE 10w30 Engine Oil    9 Pints  
1980-1987 Ramcharger, W150,W250 NP208  Dexron III** or ATF+4   6 Pints  
1980-1993 W200,W250,W300,W350  NP205  80w90 GL5*  4.5 Pints  
1987 Dakota NP207  Dexron III** or ATF+4     
1988-1993 Ramcharger, W150,W250  NP241   Dexron III** or ATF+4    6 Pints  
1988-2000 Dakota, (Durango 98-00) NP231  Dexron III** or ATF+4    2.5 Pints   
1994-2000 Ram 1500 NP231DHD  Dexron III** or ATF+4    2.5 Pints  
1994-2000 Ram 2500 NP241DLD  Dexron III** or ATF+4    5.0 Pints  
1994-2000 Ram 2500, Ram 3500  NP241DHD  Dexron III** or ATF+4   6.5 Pts.***  1994-1996.5 -- 1996.5-1997 -- 1998-2000
1998-2000 Dakota, Durango NP242 Dexron III** or ATF+4    2.5 Pints  
 2001 Dakota,  Ram 1500  NP231  ATF+4 2.5 Pints  
2001-2002 Ram 2500 NP241DLD ATF+4  5.0 Pints  
2001-2002 Ram 2500, Ram 3500 NP241DHD  ATF+4 6.5 Pts.***  NP241DHD
2001-2003 Dakota, Durango  NP233  ATF+4 2.5 Pints  
2001-2009 Dakota, Durango NP244 ATF+4  3.4 Pints  
2001-2015 Dakota (to 11), Durango NP243  ATF+4  3.4 Pints  
2002-2008  Ram 1500 NP241D Gen 2  ATF+4 3.4 Pints  
2002-2012 Ram 1500 NP243  ATF+4 3.4 Pints  
2003-2012 Ram 2500, Ram 3500 NV271,NV273  ATF+4 4.0 Pints NV271D --- NV273D
2004-2005 Ram 1500 NP244  ATF+4 3.4 Pints  
2006-2010 Ram 1500 NP246  5179014AA  4.0 Pints  
2008-2012 Ram 4500, Ram 5500 NV271,NV273  ATF+4  4.0 Pints  NV271D --- NV273D
2010-2011 Durango MP3010   2.5 Pints  
2011-2015 Durango MP3023     4.0 Pints  
2011-2015 Ram 1500 BW4444  68089195AA 3.0 Pints  
2012-2018 Ram 1500 BW4445  68089195AA  3.0 Pints  
2012-2018 Ram 2500, Ram 3500 BW4446, 4447   68089195AA 3.8 Pints  
2012-2018 Ram 4500, Ram 5500 BW4446, 4447   68089195AA 3.8 Pints  
2016-2018 Ram 1500 BW4444  68049954AA 3.0 Pints   


* For the NP200, NP201, and NP205 Gear Drive Transfer Cases, Dodge lists single viscosity multi-purpose gear lubricants as the first choice and single viscosity motor oils as an option. Oil specifications have changed considerably over the years, but here are the weight recommendations from vintage Dodge Shop Manuals:

Multi-Purpose Gear Lubricant:
Above 90°F (32°C) SAE 140
As low as -10°F (-23°C) SAE 90
Below -10°F (-23°C) SAE 80

Engine Oil:
Above 32°F (0°C): SAE 50
Below 32°F (0°C): SAE 30

The NP200 transfer case was not designed to operate under high speed, long-distance conditions. The transfer case can get so hot that conventional gear lubricants will literally be cooked. We recommend you use synthetic lubricants for the NP200 if operated at extended high road speeds typical of U.S. Interstate highways.

**Dexron III for 1980-2000 applications: Older factory Shop Manuals list Dexron, Dexron II, ATF+ or ATF Type 7176 for many chain drive transfer cases. These older fluids have all been replaced by Dexron III ATF. You can also use Mopar® ATF+4® Transmission Fluid in 1980-2000 Dodge 4x4 Transfer Cases originally calling for Dexron, Dexron II, ATF+ or ATF Type 7176. One caveat here, if you have an older vehicle with original components, the advanced detergents in ATF+4 do such a good job cleaning that old, worn-out seals may start to seep or leak. This is not a problem with new or rebuilt replacement parts, but by now most of the original seals in vehicles made prior to 2000 are on the verge of failure due to age and heat degradation.

***NV241DHD Transfer Case with Power Take Off (PTO) bolted to Case: 9.0 to 10.4 Pints