QT2073 Dummy Idler Shaft Tool for NP200, NP201 Transfer Cases

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QT2073 Dummy Transfer Case Idler Shaft Tool for New Process NP200 and NP201 Gear Drive Transfer Cases is required to hold the idler shaft bearings, shims, and spacer sleeve together when removing or installing the idler shaft on New Process NP200 and NP201 transfer cases. An absolute necessity to keep your blood pressure down during a NP200 and NP201 rebuild! USA Made.

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Dan the Gear Man® Tech Notes:
Must-Have Tool
To Use
NP200 or NP201
Matching Parts

Tech Note 1: Must-Have Tool
QT2013 is the one must-have tool you will need to rebuild your NP200 or NP201 transfer case. The idler shaft with the bearings, spacer, and shims, must be rolled into the case during reassembly. Keeping all those parts lined up without this tool is difficult to say the least.

Tech Note 2: To Use
The QT2073 is a slip fit in the idler bearings so you must support the Dummy Shaft with one hand as you drive in the Idler Shaft. If the tool is not kept in contact with the Idler Shaft, a shim may shift and get caught by the idler shaft.

Tech Note 3: NP205
The Idler Shaft Bearings on NP200, NP201, and NP205 Transfer Cases are the same, however, the Idler Gear is wider in the NP205 so this tool will not work in a NP205 Transfer Case. For NP205 Transfer Cases, order QT2013.

Tech Note 4: Matching Parts
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QU20126U Idler Shaft Cover

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