Premium, USA-Made Front Spindles for Vintage 1941-1997 4x4 Trucks

Premium, USA-Made Front Spindles for Vintage 1941-1997 4x4 Trucks

Premium, USA-Made Front Spindles for Vintage 1941-1997 4x4 Trucks

By Torque King

February 5th, 2020

If there's one thing we know about 4x4 trucks, it's that they're designed for high performance and dependability, whether for normal driving or hauling purposes. While these manufacturers have provided excellent products, vintage models often need their parts replaced to enhance safety, efficiency or overall performance. One of these parts includes high-end, heavy-duty front spindles. At Torque King, we understand the importance of having a reliable front spindle to ensure the absolute best driving experience, which is why we have manufactured our own set of premium spindles right here in the USA.

These front spindles are designed for many vintage 4x4s released between 1941-1997. Rather than creating these components through means of mass production, our team of experienced engineers is dedicated to building and analyzing each piece at a slower pace. This allows us the opportunity to fine-tune our products and guarantee each customer is fully satisfied with their purchase. If you'd like to learn more about these extraordinary vintage components, read on.

Exclusive IHC Front Spindles

While some of our IHC front spindles are compatible with Dodge and Jeep 4x4s, there is only one spindle that is exclusively set to International 1200D and 1210 models: the TKA15135. This superior strength spindle works with Dana 44 closed knuckle axles from 1969 to 1971, as well as Dana 44HD axles for 1969-1973 (as long as the front wheel bearings are 1-13/16" ID).

Dodge-Specific Front Spindles

Just like IHC, some vintage front spindles will only work with specific Dodge vehicles. These include the following two components:

TKA11743 (1969-1971 Dodge W200 Trucks with a Dana 44 or Dana 44HD Closed Knuckle Axle)

The TKA11743 front spindle is made out of robust, powerful steel to ensure a smooth, reliable drive. Whether you drive a 1969, 1970 or 1971 W200, this front spindle is perfect for your vehicle.

TKA11745 (1972-1974 Dodge W200 Trucks with a Dana 44 Open Knuckle Front Axle)

Similar to the TKA11743, the TKA11745 vintage front spindle is crafted with a tenacious steel billet. However, this spindle is compatible with 1972, 1973 and 1974 W200s with Dana 44 open knuckle front axle setups.

Spindles Specific to Ford Independent Front Suspension Axles

TK20227 (1980-1997 Ford F250, F350 Trucks with Dana 50 IFS Front Axle)

Made from premium domestic steel, this high caliper TK20227 spindle is compatible with all Dana 50 IFS front axles in 1980-1997 F250 and 1980-1985.5 F350 4x4s.

TK20775, TK40631, TK20555 (1983-1997 Ford Dana 28 IFS and Dana 35 IFS Front Axle)

These spindles are crafted to perfection to fit specific Bill of Material numbers. The TK20775 will fit some 1993-1994 Explorers and 1995-1997 Rangers with ABS. TK40631 is used for some Dana 35 IFS non-ABS applications in 1990-1992 Bronco II, Explorer, and Ranger, as well as some 1997 Rangers. Some 1983-1989 Rangers and 1984-1989 Bronco II's using Dana 28 IFS front axles use TK20555.

Universal Vintage Front Spindles

Now that we've covered all of the vehicle-specific spindles, we can now look at the vintage front spindles that are compatible with multiple vehicles. Each component is made for various configurations, so it's important that you read the full specs on these parts prior to making a purchase.

TKA15136 (1941-1973 Jeeps with 5 Bolt Wheels and Closed Knuckle Axles; and 1961-1971 IHC Scout 4x4s)

The beauty of the USA-made TKA15136 is that it works with many different front axles. For instance, it will work with the Dana 25, 27 (for IHC FA14 and FA24), 30 (for IHC FA11 and FA12) and Dana 44. Additionally, while it benefits IHC Scouts, it can be added to 1941-1973 Jeeps (as long as they only have a closed knuckle front axle and 5 bolt wheels).

TKA11719 (1955-1960 IHC 120 Series 4x4s; and 1957-1960.5 Dodge W100 and W200s with 6 bolt or 11 Bolt Spindle Bolt Patterns)

This one-of-a-kind front, vintage-style spindle will optimize the driving performance of International 120 Series 4x4s, Dodge W100s and W200s. These are intended for vehicles who only have 6 or 11-bolt patterns on the spindle.

TKA20252 (¾ Ton Dana 44, Dana 44HD, Dana 60 Closed Knuckle Front Axles)

Precision made for ¾ ton Chevy, GMC, and Ford trucks, this first class TKA20252 spindle fits Dana 44 and Dana 44HD front axles in 1960-1969 Chevy and GMC trucks, plus 1961-1975 Ford F250 trucks with Dana 44HD front axles and 1973-1975 F250 with Dana 60 front axles using 12 bolt knuckles.

TKA20267 (Dana 44 Closed Knuckle Front Axles)

The sleek and versatile TKA20267 fits a multitude of Dana 44 closed knuckle applications using internally splined wheel hubs in 1960-1969 Chevy and GMC ½ ton, 1969-1971 Dodge ½ ton, 1960-1965 F100 ½ ton, 1964-1972 IHC ½ ton, plus 1960-1975 Ford F250 ¾ ton 4x4s with the standard 3300# Dana 44 front axle.

TKA42249 (1960.5-1968 Dodge W100 and W200 4x4s with a Standard Dana 44 Axle; or 1961-1968 IHC 1200 Series 4x4s with Dana 44 or Dana 44HD Closed Knuckle Axles)

Designed for Dana 44 or Dana 44HD axles, the TKA42249 is manufactured with extremely durable steel to keep you safely on the road. Whether you drive a Dodge W100, W200 or 1200 Series IHC 4x4, you can count on this front spindle to offer you tremendous reliability.

Purchase a New Vintage Front Spindle from Torque King

Nothing is more important than the safety of you and your passengers when driving around in your truck — no matter what year it came from. With over 40 years of experience in the industry, Torque King's American-based manufacturing facility has perfected the art of creating the most efficient and safest vintage-style front spindles using precise processes and comprehensive testing. If you'd like to give your vehicle an upgrade that will give you more peace of mind when behind the wheel, check out our selection or contact us to learn more.

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