Torque King 4x4 to be Featured on 'Viewpoint' with Dennis Quaid

Something exciting is in the works for Torque King 4x4. Read on to find out all the details!

Small-Scale US Manufacturing Gets Large-Scale Exposure on Public Television

When the producers of  The Viewpoint Project approached us to participate in a documentary, of course, we said yes. Getting to talk about the challenges and victories of American manufacturing was an opportunity we couldn't pass up. As our Torque King 4x4 Vice President Dan Guarino says right from the outset: "On a national basis, wealth comes from making something, harvesting something, or mining something."

Using state-of-the-art cinematic techniques and a production team of seasoned TV professionals, "Viewpoint" with host Dennis Quaid tells inspiring stories with care and innovation. They have covered a wide range of topics, from diversity and inclusion to technology and engineering.

In the  Torque King 4x4 episode, viewers worldwide will get an overview of the importance of US-based manufacturing and the effect it has on our economy in general and our lives, specifically.

"Even though US manufacturing has declined to less than 11 percent of our gross national product, it still adds two-and-a-half trillion dollars to our economy every year," says Dan. "Without a viable manufacturing sector, there's no way the nation could survive given the huge trade deficits we wrack up every month."

We also discuss the state of American manufacturing today and how relying on a global supply chain can limit our ability to make sure US citizens have the products they want and need.

Dan explains: "Instead of thinking, 'oh, cheapest price,' we have to think about what's the actual real expense or real cost to offshore production from the United States to other countries."

'Viewpoint' Tells Stories About Industry Leaders like Torque King 4x4

"Viewpoint" is a short-form, documentary-style educational program that highlights the stories of leaders in industries around the world. Hosted by actor Dennis Quaid, the television show has featured businesses including Southwest Airlines, the University of Notre Dame and Royal Caribbean. Viewpoint, hosted by Dennis Quaid is shown on local Public Television stations throughout the nation.

All of us in our small-but-mighty team at Torque King 4x4 are excited and honored to join this list of industry powerhouses.

Seeing as the project's mission is to inspire and educate audiences, we are thrilled to share the manufacturing side of the automotive world with you in this little way.

Oct 17, 2022 Torque King 4x4

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