QK6020 6.7L Rear Crank Seal and Installer Tool Kit for Ram 6.7L Cummins Diesel Engine

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QK6020 6.7L Cummins Rear Crank Seal and Installation Tool Kit for Ram Trucks quickly and easily replaces that leaky rear crankshaft seal on your Ram 6.7L Cummins Diesel engine without damaging the new seal! No need to remove the flywheel housing or seal adapter! QK6020 includes the 2019-up type, narrow shell Cummins Crank Seal which will also work on all 2018 and older Ram Cummins Diesel engines (See Tech Note 2). QT6050 Installer Plate is drilled for both the 1989-2018 8 Bolt crankshaft bolt pattern and the 2019-up 10 bolt pattern. USA Made. Instructions and Torque Specs TSB6000 Cummins Rear Crank Seal Replacement Tech Service Bulletin are included with every kit!

QK6020 includes:
1 TK11895 Rear Crankshaft Seal
1 QT6050 CNC machined Aluminum Installer Tool
1 QT9700A Tool Handle and Hardware
4 Guide Studs and Hardware
2 Self-Tapping Screws to use with customer supplied slide hammer to pull seal.
1 Drill Bit
2 Threadlocker (MSDS)
1 Anti Sieze (MSDS)
1 QU90083 P80 Rubber Lubricant
1 QT9404 Application Brush
TSB6000 Cummins Rear Crank Seal Replacement Tech Bulletin

WARNING: Items in this kit can expose you to chemicals including titanium dioxide, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, go to

Just need the tools? See TS6020 Rear Crankshaft Installation Tool Kit.
Already have the Tools? Order TK11895 Crank Seal separately.
Need Instructions or Torque Specs? See TSB6000 Cummins Rear Crank Seal Replacement Tech Bulletin. The TSB6000 is now included in every QK6020 kit!

Need More Info? Use the handy Links below to access over 40 years of Dan's product and vehicle specific Tech Notes to easily get the information you need for your vehicle's repair, maintenance, or upgrade project!

Dan the Gear Man® Tech Notes:
Centering Ring
2019 and newer 6.7L Ram Trucks
Seal Starter
QT3000 vs QT6050
Cummins Rear Crank Seal Video

Tech Note 1: Centering Ring
With the QK6020 Kit there is absolutely no need to remove the flywheel housing and rear seal adapter to replace your Cummins Diesel rear crankshaft seal. However, if for any reason, you do need to remove the rear seal adapter from the back of the block, we do include a Cummins supplied stamped steel centering ring to center the rear seal adapter. The centering ring is required to center the seal retainer plate because Cummins did not dowel the seal retainer to the block so it can be installed off center unless you use the line up ring. The Seal Retainer Plate is gasketed to both the back of the block and the top of the oil pan.

Tech Note 2: 2019 and newer 6.7L Ram Trucks
Effective with the 2019 model year, Ram trucks with the 6.7L Cummins engine have crankshafts with a 10 hole flywheel bolt pattern instead of the 8 bolt pattern used for 2018 and prior years. The bolt circle and bolt thread is the same same so if you already have our QK6000 Crankshaft Seal and Tool Kit or our TS6000 Crankshaft Tool Kit, it will still work on 2019 and newer engines, however Cummins also increased the seal installation depth and used a narrower seal so we are recommending you use our new QT6050 Installer and TK11895 Seal for 2019 and newer engines. QT6050 Installer and TK11895 seal are included in QK6020 Kit. TS6020 Tool Set includes QT6050 Installer.

Tech Note 3: Seal Starter
The thin plastic disposable Seal Starter is pre-installed in the Seal. The Seal Starter is flared slightly to fit over the end of the crank. Once the Seal is slid over the Starter and onto the crank, remove and discard the Seal Starter.

Tech Note 4: Differences: QT3000 vs QT6050
Both our original QT3000 (incl. in QK6000 and TS6000 Kits) and our new QT6050 (incl. in QK6020 and TS6020 Kits) Crank Seal Installation Tools will work to install the rear crankshaft seal on all 1989 and up Dodge Ram Cummins Diesel engines. There are three differences between the 2 tools. QT6050 was designed to install the narrow shell 2019-up type seal which gets installed a bit deeper in the seal housing compared to the wider seal used on 2018 and prior models. The deeper depth is important when using a flywheel with a wide guide ring that fits over the end of the crank. QT6050 is just a seal installer, it cannot be used to install a wear sleeve on the crankshaft. QT3000 on the other hand can be used to install both plain seals and seals with a wear sleeve because the shallower seal installation depth allows us to step the tool to install a wear sleeve. However, there may be interference problems between the wear sleeve and some 2019-up flywheels with a wide guide ring. QT3000 has 2 holes for guide studs. QT6050 has 8 holes for guide studs. Four each for the 1989-2018 8 bolt and 2019-up 10 bolt crankshafts. With the exception of the number of guide studs used, the seal replacement procedure is the same for both tools. Although you can use either tool for all years, we recommend you use QT3000 Installer for 1989-2007 5.9L engines and QT6050 Installer for 2019-up 6.7L engines and either tool for 2007-2018 6.7L engines.

Ram 2500, Ram 3500, Ram 4500, Ram 5500 with the 6.7L Cummins Diesel: 2007-up

Cummins Rear Crank Seal Replacement Video


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