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1947-1959 Chevy and GMC Trucks inc NAPCO 4x4s

General Motors released it's first post-war design truck, the Chevy Advance Design series to the public on June 28, 1947. These and subsequent Chevy and GMC pickups were only "stock" as 4x2 models through the 1959 model year. To increase the capability and versatility of 1947-1959 GM trucks, Nothwestern Auto Parts Company (NAPCO) of Minneapolis developed a mostly bolt-on 4x4 conversion to convert 3/4 and 1 ton GM 4x2 trucks to 4x4 (1/2 tons would be added in late 1955). At first, the Napco conversion which was called the Powr Pak was either dealer or customer installed. In 1956, GMC would offer the Powr Pak as a factory installed option on 1/2 to to 1 ton trucks and Chevy would follow in 1957. 1959 was the last year of the Napco 4x4 factory conversion for Chevy and GMC, because starting with he 1960 model year, GM built their own factory 4x4 models.

The 1947-1959 GM NAPCO 4x4 trucks were quite capable performers and to this day are highly sought after by collectors and off-road enthusiasts. An idea of the value of these trucks can be illustrated by a 1959 GMC 1 ton flat-bed, one owner, unrestored 4x4 that brought nearly $25,000 at a farm auction south of Laurel, Montana around 2012.

We are not stocking a lot of parts for these trucks at this time, but as opportunity allows, we will be adding more products in the future.