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U-Joint Tools

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Most Constant Velocity and universal joint service since before the Model T has been done using makeshift tools and by hammering on the parts until something gives! Driveshaft parts and universal joints are incredibly precise components that can be easily damaged by such slam-bang work. Today's driveshafts may look similar to those used 50 to 100 years ago, but they are built to much tighter tolerances, transmit unbelievable amounts of torque, and cost more than the old Tin Lizzies sold for new. There is a better way to perform driveshaft service on your rig by using application specific press tooling and approved service procedures. Yes, Manuals and Tools are expensive, but when you consider that the reduced service life of expensive driveshaft parts, plus the risk of personal injury, the cost is not hard to justify.

We have tooling available to service the following manufacturer series of driveshafts and universal joints:
AAM: (Chevy, Dodge, Ford, GMC): 1315 (1-1/16"), 1344 (1-1/8"), 1355 (1-3/16"), 1415 (1-3/16"), 1485 (1-3/8")
Detroit Universal: (Dodge): 7260 (1-5/64"), 7290 (1-5/64")
Mechanics: (Vintage) 3R (1-1/8")
Saginaw: (Chevy, Dodge, GMC): S44 (1-1/8")
Spicer: (All Makes): 1310 (1-1/16"), 1330 (1-1/16"), 1330F (1-1/16"x1.125"), 1350 (1-3/16"), 1410 (1-3/16")
, 1480 (1-3/8")