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1972-1980 International Scout II

Shop now for Parts, Tools Info for 1972-1980 Scout II, plus 1976-1980 Traveler and Terra. Dana Axles, Manual Transmissions, Transfer Cases, and Driveshafts.

International introduced the Scout II in 1971 as a 1972 model year vehicle to replace the Scout 800B. Sized between the Jeep CJ and Chevy Blazer, the Scout II offered a wide variety of standard and optional features and it was well regarded as a capable and comfortable 4x4. Engine offerings over the years were quite diverse including 4, 6, and V8 gas engines plus both non-turbo and turbo diesels.

Three speed, four speed narrow ratio, and  four speed wide ratio manual transmissions plus 3 speed automatics were available with most engine combinations. Dana 20 T145 two speed transfer cases were used from 1972-1979. 1980 models have a Dana 300 T146 2 speed Transfer Case. Listed in the IHC parts catalog as an option, but almost never ordered was a T143 single speed, chain-drive transfer case.

Rear Axles were all Dana 44 Semi-Float models with the RA18 desiginating axles with open diffs and RA28 axles with Trac-Lok Limited Slip differentials. When first introduced, Scout II 4x4s had a Dana 30 FA13 Front Axle and a Dana 30 front axle would remain available until 1977. A Drum Brake FA43 Dana 44 was first offered in 1973 followed by a Disc Brake FA44 Dana 44 front axle in 1974.

Although never a high-volume seller compared to Jeep CJs and Chevy Blazer/GMC Jimmy 4x4s, The Scout II had a solid following, but spiralling gas prices and money problems combined with Big Truck mentality at International Harvester doomed the Scout II to a premature demise in 1980.