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U-Joints 1994-2001 Dodge Ram 1500

Dodge used Detroit Universal, Spicer, and combination Detroit x Spicer U-Joint sizes on 1994-1999 Ram 1500 rear driveshafts. 2000 and 2001 trucks all have Spicer series u-joints. For 1994-1999 models, you need to identify which u-joints your truck has before ordering.

1994-2001 Ram 1500 Rear U-Joint Sizes and Years used as listed in Dodge Parts Books:

  • Detroit 7290: 1-1/8" Cap Diameter. Retained by C-Clips that fit in grooves machined in caps and that seat against inside of yoke ears. Inside Span between Yoke Ears is 2-5/8". Used 1994-1999 (See greaseable QU40775 and premium TK40722 u-joints)
  • Detroit 7260 x Spicer 1310 Conversion U-Joint: Two 1.078"  2 1.078" Cups with Inside C-Clips (2-1/8" between Yoke Ears) and 2 1.0625" Caps with External Snap Rings. Caps with Inside C-Clips (2-1/8" between Yoke Ears) and Two 1.0625" Caps (Overall U-Joint width 3-7/32") with External Snap Rings. Only Used at front of shaft on some 1994-1996 134" wheel base 4x2 Trucks.  (See greaseable QU40736  u-joint)
  • Detroit 7290 x Spicer 1330 Conversion U-Joint: Two 1.125" Caps with Inside C-Clips (2-5/8" between Yoke Ears) and Two 1.0625" Caps with External Snap Rings (Overall U-Joint width 3-5/8"). Used 1998-1999 at rear axle to adapt Spicer 1330 Shaft to Detroit 7290 Pinion Yoke.  (See greaseable QU40764 and premium TK40804 u-joints)
  • Spicer 1330 Series: 1-1/16" Cap Diameter. Uses External Snap Rings that fit into grooves machined in yokes. Overall installed width of u-joint is 3-5/8". Used 1998-2001. (See greaseable QU40774 and premium TK40721 u-joints)


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