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Rear Axle ID

Free Help to Identify Rear Axles in 4x4s, SUVs, and Light Trucks

  • How to ID a 1957-1993 Dodge Dana 70 Rear Axle Cover 1957-1967 Dodge Dana 70 Axle Data Number

    1957-1993 Dodge Dana 70 Rear Axle Identification IDN-140

    1957-1993 Dana Spicer Model 70 Rear Axles in Dodge 200, 250, 300, and 350 series trucks plus many Motorhome and Van chassis models  have a Bill of Material Number (BOM) that is either stamped on the rear face of the right axle tube or embossed on a...

  • Dana 44 Diff Cover ID IDN-107

    Dana 44 Beam Type Axles have 10 bolt covers that are approximately 10-3/8" high and 9-3/8" wide. For most applications, the bolt head size is 1/2" and the bolt thread is 5/16 USS coarse thread. Early covers (up to the mid 1970's) are made of thin steel...

  • Dana 70 Axle Cover Flange Height

    Dana 70 Diff Cover Flange Height IDN-111

    Not all Dana axles have the model number cast on the housing. It can be very difficult to tell a Dana 60 from a Dana 70, as they have nearly identical covers with exactly the same bolt pattern. One way to tell if you have a Dana 60 or Dana 70 is...

  • Dana BOM Tag Dana BOM Tag retained by 2 Diff Cover Bolts

    Dana Axle ID Tag IDN-100

    Starting around 1965, Dana started using metal tags affixed to the differential cover by two of the cover bolts. Each tag has a Bill of Material Number (BOM) stamped on it and it is affixed to the axle before it is shipped from the factory. The photo...

  • Dana Rear Axle Tag

    Dana Rear Axle Tag Location IDN-109

    All 1994-2002 Dana Rear Axles in Dodge Ram trucks have a Bill of Material Number (BOM) stamped on a Build Tag (red arrow) attached to the differential by two of the differential cover bolts (yellow arrows). The BOM number is a 6 digit number...