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Front Axle Shaft Seal Tools and Kits

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Our custom made, Front Inner Axle Seal Tools are used every day by professional shops, fleets, and Do-It-Yourself truck owners world wide. On most beam type 4x4 front axles, the axle shaft oil seals are located next to the differential. The seals are installed in bores machined into the inner ends of the axle tubes, so the ONLY way to replace them is to disassemble the axle and remove the differential. Removing the seals is relatively simple, using either one of our special tool sets or a suitable substitute inserted from the outer ends of the axle tubes to drive the seals out of the bores. Next, you clean out the gunk and crud from the axles tubes and from inside the diff housing. Installing the seals, which are usually pretty fragile, is simple and straight forward-IF you use one of our custom made tool sets. Our tools are designed to quickly and easily install original equipment type seals without damaging the seal or you. The alternative is to try and install the seals with a socket and hammer which often results in wrecking expensive seals, bashing your fingers, and leaking blood all over the place.