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1967-1969 Jeep M715 Series 1-1/4 ton Trucks

jeep-1968-m715-cargo-truck-100.jpgShop now for Parts, Tools, and Info specific to 1967-1969 Jeep M-715 series 1-1/4 ton Military Trucks. We stock axle, transmission, transfer case, and driveshaft parts for the rugged Jeep M715 Cargo truck, M725 Ambulance, and M726 Telephone Maintenance trucks. Jeep built 30,000+ M715 series trucks as replacements for the venerable Dodge M37 3/4 ton truck. The convertible Cab and Front Sheet metal are militarized versions of Jeeps Gladiator pickup, but few civilian Jeep parts fit the M715 family of trucks.

The M715 truck had rugged underpinnings and it would have been an great truck if it had a more durable engine. The military version of Jeep's 230 cubic inch, overhead cam "Tornado" engine had excellent power for it's size, but it just was not big enough or built strong enough for the M715. The cargo trucks, which cost Uncle Sam $4,400, were well built otherwise and are now sought after for repowered offroad and show rigs. It is unfortunate that Jeep did not use the excellent AMC 232 or 258 engine that were equipping Jeep civilian trucks of the same years, but the M715 is readily repowered with a variety of engines. 

Jeep M715-M725-M726 5/4 ton Truck Component List:
Borg Warner T98 4 Speed Manual Transmission. M726 transmission also has PTO for front mountedwinch 
New Process NP200 2 Speed Gear Drive Transfer Case with Parking Brake
Spicer 1310 Series Driveshafts
Dana 60 Closed Knuckle Front Axle
Dana 70 Rear Axle
Wheel Bolt Pattern 6 x 7-1/4"