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1961-1982 International 2-Ton Dana 70 Front Axle

Shop now for Parts and Tools to fit 1961-1982 International 2 ton 4x4's with Dana Model 70 Closed Knuckle Front Axle. Great selection. In stock. Quick shipping.

International first offered Dana Spicer Model 70 Closed Knuckle Front Axles as a cataloged factory option for C-Series models in 1961. For production 4x4s, you will find Model 70 axles in both 1 ton Class 3 and 2 ton Class 6 vehicles. Other than the axle housings, axle shafts, wheel end, and steering components, most parts are interchangeable for all years and models. 1 ton 4x4s with the Dana 70 front axle were available in both single and dual rear wheel configurations. 1 ton models include: C-130 (1961-1962), C-1300 (1963-1964), D-1300 (1965), 1300A (1966), 1300B (1967), 1300C (1968), 1300D (1969-1970), 1310 (1971-1973), and 200 (1974-1975). The 2 ton trucks we have seen were all 160 or 1600 models with dual rear wheels and Gross Vehicle Weights in the 18,000 to 21,000 pound range. Most of these larger trucks were originally purchased by public or government agencies. International ceased production of Light Line (under 2 ton) vehicles on April 28, 1975. Dana continued to build Model 70 Closed Knuckle front axles for International Loadstar 1600 4x4s until 1979 which is the last year we can verify factory production of the 1600 4x4, but many aftermarket catalogs list the 1600 4x4 Dana 70 front axle through the 1982 model year. It is quite possible, International had enough axles on hand to continue building Dana 70 equipped 2 Ton 4x4s for another three years.