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1961-1971 IHC Scout 80, 800, 800A, 800B

Parts, tools and Info for 1961-1971 IHC Scouts. International introduced the Scout 80 as a 1961 model year vehicle to compete with the Jeep CJ Universal Series. The original 4 cylinder Scout 80 was built until 1965. Both a fully enclosed and pickup versions were offered. The Scout 80 was replaced by the 1966 Model year Scout 800 which had many improvements including optional 6 cylinder and V8 engines. The Scout 800 was followed by the short lived 1969-1970 Scout 800A and 1971 Scout 800B.

Scout 80 and 800 series vehicles were reasonably successful in the market place as a more refined alternative to the utilitarian Jeep CJ, but by 1970, competition from Ford Bronco, Jeep Commando, Chevy Blazer, GMC Jimmy, and Toyota Landcruiser led to the replacement of the 800B with the modern, up-to-date Scout II (some early production vehicles were labeled as Scout 810).