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1945-1971 Dodge Civilian 1 Ton Power Wagon

Shop now for Parts, Tools, and Info specific to 1945-1971 Dodge 1 Ton Civilian Power Wagons. We stock or have available front axle, rear axle, driveshaft, transfer case parts and tools for your Dodge 1945-1947 WDX, 1948-1953 B-Series, 1954-1956 C-Series, and 1958-1971 WM300 1 ton 4x4 trucks.

The original civilian Dodge Power Wagon was based on the WWII era Dodge 3/4 ton military Cargo Truck. Over it's long production life, the Power Wagon would retain it's flat-fender military look, but a number of special equipment options were available for civilian vocational applications. Although Dodge Parts Books list WM300 parts as late as the 1971 model year, sales in the United States appear to have largely ended in 1968. An open cab export version would continue in production until 1978.

Model Desigination:
1945-1947: WDX
1948-1949: B-1-PW
1950: B-2-PW
1951-1953.5: B-3-PW
1953.5: B-4-PW
1954: C-1-PW
1955-1956.5: C-3-PW
1956.5: C-4-PW
1957: W300 (Not the same as the 1958-up Civilian Pickup based W300)
1958-1959: W300M
1960-1971: WM300